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The ISCM Foundation provides the network to connect entrepreneurs.

CHARTER CONTENT of the ISCM FOUNDATION – The spirit from which the Foundation will prosper.

We are an integral part of a Pan-African Educational Transformation Strategy, united under the mission to work towards prosperity for the African continent.  

We are equally inspired by the decision the 19th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU) convened under the theme: “Boosting Intra-African Trade” and the subsequent decision to establish a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) by 2017, which is expected among other benefits to contribute significantly to sustainable economic growth, employment generation, and poverty reduction and better integration of the continent into the global economy. We take note of the fact that the proposed CFTA when it goes operational is expected to increase African intra-regional trade.

We are cognizant of the recent decision by the AU to launch the African Solidarity Initiative (ASI) aimed at giving new momentum to Africa’s effort to progress in post-conflict reconstruction and development and to promote African Solidarity, mutual assistance and regional integration and propel the continent to a higher level of development and self-confidence. We are encouraged by the fact that the ASI envisage organizing an investment forum with a view to encouraging the African private sector and individual actors to play an active role in contributing towards the reconstruction and development efforts in the continent. Consequently, we set our Vision and Mission as follows:

1. Vision: To promote economic liberation aimed at transformation and development of the African continent for Africa. It refers to the great African philosopher and poet Chinua Achebe and the spirit of his words:  “While we do our good works let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary.” ― Chinua Achebe, Anthills of the Savannah

2. Mission: To empower entrepreneurs and students in the public or private sector with newly developed frameworks and methods to contribute to the vision.  It refers to a great African philosopher and politician Nelson Mandela and the spirit of his words:  ”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

3. To promote peace and stability necessary for economic transformation and development for the continent and its African people. It refers to a great philosopher and first President of Kenya: “Our children may learn about the heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves the architects of the future.” – Jomo Kenyatta.

4. To conduct responsible business and thereby taking an oath not to tolerate any kind of bribery or other forms of corruption.  It refers to a great philosopher and Business Leader, Africa Regional Vice President World Bank, Obiageli Ezekwesili, she said: “Investments must have sound corporate governance, promote transparency, show respect for the environment, as well as for social and cultural standards through sensitivity for diversity.”

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