ISCM Investments
About Us

About Us

ISCM Investments governs the investments of ISCM Foundation projects.

The political support for our philosophy is evident as our investment projects target simultanously national debt reduction, job creation, people and environmental protection, which creates peace and buoyancy in any economy.

We do not outsource critical services to third parties. We focus on delivering turnkey projects coupled with long-term impact.

What makes us unique

The ISCM Foundation recognizes the need for Emerging Market Investors to have a single integrated investment platform, whilst offering diverse investment portfolios in a sound financial environment.

Our financial services meet stringent confidentiality agreements, assuring total privacy for companies and individuals.

As a ‘fair-trade’ organization, we secure the assets of clientele and arrange lucrative project investments. This approach safeguards and provides the investor with peace of mind.

Our responsible community investment

To build on the solid foundations of the World Bank and the IMF as well as many other financial institutions, the time has come to accelerate the growth strategy for emerging markets.

The ISCM Foundation and its Business Project Platform echoes the political will to take the financial foundations to the next level. We wish to inspire business to continue there where political foundations cannot be extended as it is now up to emerging economies to unite in cohesive markets.

While harmonizing the layers of emerging market economies and combining them into powerful integrated industries the Business Project Platform will unlock wealth by performing as business and job creation engines.  This is the first area in which our organization wishes to invest in order to continue the long road to economic freedom for the individual.

Who are we

We aspire to be the first ‘fair-trade’ financial organization, co-owned by its investors. We wish to conduct responsible business for, and on behalf of, various emerging nations and to strengthen their economic position by placing them on an equal trade footing with the rest of the world.

ISCM Investments,  together with ISCM Foundation, will allocate correct and balanced resources for each investment project.  The resources don’t consist of capital only, but will include (inter alia) skilled manpower, technology and logistics.

Our organization is equipped with a state-of-the-art shareholder value simulation centre, which models the financial cross-impacts of all resource allocations and shows in advance, where resource adjustments are required. This keeps investors in control overall project success deliverables.

Our Business Structure

Our team consists of experienced business entrepreneurs – each with his/her own track record of successes and experiences from the working world. When combining them on our Business Platform we created two levels for conducting responsible business.

On the first level, we have ensured that our vision ‘making charity unnecessary’  and mission ‘conducting responsible business’  remains entrenched. All our corporate responsibilities are managed and controlled from this level with internationally accredited practices for conducting responsible business.

Our Business Project Platform represents the second level. On the second level, the industry sector entrepreneurs on the Business Project Platform realize the benefits for investors. This is the engine room where all the different investment projects have special vehicles that make capital flow efficiently with multipliers that combine societal welfare with extremely lucrative investment results.